Head of External Affairs

As Head of External Affairs, you are responsible for supervising "External" committees and maintaining relations with the association's external partners. While necessary for any board position, careful and clear communication is especially crucial in fulfilling these tasks. Since this position is the point of contact for Custodia's external partners, conducting yourself professionally towards those partners is also important. Your performance reflects not only on you but also on the association itself. The Head of External Affairs also supervises those committees regularly dealing with external partners, currently being the Formal and Acquisition committees. Keeping up-to-date and engaged with these committees is a significant part of the position's responsibilities as well since you will be the link between these committees and the board. 

The Head of External Affairs's position will contact people from many different backgrounds and organisations. As such, it is a great opportunity to broaden your network and horizons. As with any board position, this position will allow you to learn organisational, communicative and planning skills in a friendly and constructive environment.