Head of Internal Affairs

Hello there, and thank you for showing some interest in learning what being the Head of Internal Affairs is all about. Broadly speaking, being the head of Internal affairs means that you are in charge of providing a path of communication between our members and the board. Of course, members can reach the board of Custodia in all kinds of ways, but communication between the board and our members is your responsibility when talking about general communication. Guidelines of who to go to with a question or which committee member speaks to which board member are all questions that are part of your portfolio. While most of these guidelines will be formulated in cooperation with the board and considering our members' needs and wishes, you will be the one responsible for turning these questions into viable policies. 

Fortunately, not all of it is administration and policy meetings. The Head of Internal Affairs also supervises the Social-, Cooking-, Travel- and Sports Committees. This means that there are more than enough entertainment and events related responsibilities for you to dive into!