The President of L.S.A. Custodia ensures that the long-term developments and the vision of the association are always kept in mind. The President ensures that the daily running of the association is smooth and manages the rest of the board directly. This is done through, for example, chairing board meetings, staying on top of what is happening, and simply being the face of the association towards external parties. The President is also responsible for the contact with the university and acts as an intermediary between the two. Additionally, contact between other associations is kept by the President and steps should actively be taken to encourage better relationships between other associations.

Moreover, the President leads the association towards the future and does this by encouraging the rest of the board. The rest of the board should be motivated to do their tasks to the best of their abilities by the President. All in all, the President has the capabilities and understanding of where the association should go to coupled with the abilities to get it there, whilst also having fun within this process.