Candidate Board III

L.S.A. Custodia is proud to present the next candidate board! This will be the third board of L.S.A. Custodia:

President - Martijn Bergmann

Secretary - Nadine Eijsackers

Treasurer - Marnix Tissing

Head of Internal Affairs & Vice-president - Axel Dol

Head of External Affairs - Nouri Horn

Update: Cancellation of events

Dear all, 

The situation regarding the spread of the Coronavirus has changed significantly over the past couple of days. Due to these developments, we are in close contact with the faculty. Unfortunately, we will have to cancel all events we have planned up until the 1st of June. As a board, we will discuss with our committees whether the events will perhaps take place at a later moment. With regards to our activities, the following decisions have been made: 

1) Become a Board Member borrel (17 March) is cancelled, information will be spread via e-mail. 

2) Career Event CSM (18 March) is cancelled and might take place on a later date. 

3) Exam Sessions (20 March) are cancelled. 

4) LeidenMUN: The art of public speaking (30 March) is cancelled and might take place on a later date. 

5) Pub Quiz (31 March) is cancelled and might take place on a later date.

Also, at least until the 1st of June, all our office hours will be cancelled. This means that any questions regarding board membership can be asked through e-mail. We will look into the options of doing an online Q&A, for those of you that might be interested in fulfilling a position on the board next year. 

For any events that will take place after the 1st of June, we will keep you up to date about their continuation. 

Should anything about our decisions remain unclear, feel free to send an e-mail to For updates about the Coronavirus and university’s regulations on this matter, please always refer to the university website and your study advisors first. 

We hope everyone will enjoy their weekend, and stay safe. 

All the best, 

The board of L.S.A. Custodia