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Virtual tour Clingendael

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for a think tank on international relations? Now you have the chance to find out as Clingendael Institute invites you over for a virtual tour! In addition, you will also have the opportunity to meet and ask questions from the experts and interns of this exciting field! The event will take place on Thursday October 22nd 15.00-16.00 hrs. More information and registration for the event can be found from the following link: 




Development in crises response and the safety regions in the Netherlands, a glimpse

The Dutch Safety Regions are the public bodies tasked with civil defence and crisis management for their respective geographic regions. As such, these organisations coordinate fire departments, public health, and public order organisations in disaster preparedness, response, and cleanup. With such a crucial role, it is not surprising that their methods and approaches have evolved over the years, especially with regards to such current issues as terrorism and pandemics. 
L.S.A. Custodia is therefore happy to announce that we are organising an event with speakers from the Safety Region Flevoland and Safety Region Gooi and Vechtstreek. They will give us a tour through the inner workings of the organisation and the practical considerations that go into their work. This event will be an opportunity to see the actual work done in the safety and security fields and a chance to ask real safety and security professionals questions on what their work entails. The event will be online with an interactive component, taking place on the 29th of October, from 15:00-16:00. Information on the platform and means of joining the event will be forthcoming. We hope to see you all there!