Study association L.S.A. Custodia offers multiple committees. This page provides some important information about becoming and being a member of one of our committees. In order to apply for one of our committees, please send an e-mail to either or (depending on the committee of your interest). The further application procedure will be explained through e-mail. Should you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to 

Becoming a committee member
As a committee member, you will be responsible, together with your other committee members, for organizing several events for our association. This can vary from social events, such as drinks and movie nights, to formal events such as guest lectures and field trips. You and your committee will be given several tasks by the responsible board member. An overview of the functions within each committee will be given below. Further details about the specific committees can be found under the "committees" tab above. 

Each committee has four distinct positions:
Chairman – responsible to lead the committee and report to the board.
Secretary – responsible to keep track of the minutes and promotion for social media.
Treasurer – responsible for the finances of the committee.
Assessor – responsible to organize events alongside the chairman, secretary and treasurer.

Application procedure 

If you want to join a committee, we request you to send a motivation letter to the designated board member, which varies for each committee: 



First, we would like to have some personal details, such as study year, name and age. Additionally, we would like you to tell something about your motivation, whether you would like to fulfill a specific position, previous experience that could be valuable and relevant skills. Finally, you could describe something about other hobbies and activities and how much time you think you can spend on the committee. How do you think you can integrate the committee into your student life?                                                                                                                  

The deadline for the application email is the 25 th of September, 17:00.


After this deadline, we will send out invitations for application interviews. These interviews will take approximately 15 minutes. We will schedule the interviews in the first two weeks of October. The interviews will be held by two board members. 

We recommend you to visit some of the events we have scheduled in September and October, to get a view of the way in which events are being organized. Moreover, it can help to create new ideas on how to improve events when you are in the committee yourself.