Blogpost: South-Africa by Lois

Hi everyone, 

My name is Lois, I am a first-year student and the assessor of the travel committee. Sadly, because of the new measurements around the coronavirus, we cannot travel with the association yet. That is why we will introduce the travel blog,  where students can tell about their own experiences abroad and discuss them. I will tell you about  my experience in South-Africa. I was at a bush camp near the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park to work with horses and guide tourists through the beautiful South African nature.  

1. What is your best memory of this country? 

Riding through the bushes to an amazing lake view from horseback (see photo 2) and seeing flamingos in the wild!  

2. What did you laugh about? 

There was one of the natives that always yelled at me with “ living life like a loiser” and made various song lines about it which was really funny!  

3. Something governance-related? 

Well during my work and my talks with all the natives I learned that the political parties are very divided and this sometimes results in white people getting murdered. I also spoke with a born and raised white South African who sometimes really feels threatened walking across the streets.  

4. Did you feel welcomed in this country? 

On the one hand I really felt welcome because all the people that I worked with or had dinner with learned me lots of funny South African facts and words like the tradition “braai” which looks a lot like a BBQ . On the other hand I did not feel welcome because the culture is so different and when I arrived at the airport a man came to me wanting money and I really felt intimidated…  

Please let me know your experiences in South-Africa or elsewhere! 

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