Blogpost: Canada by Wessel 

Hello everyone! 

My name is Wessel and I’m the chair of the travel committee. As you might have noticed, a virus is going around trying to kill the joy of traveling. Therefore I am sitting here in the cold, without the prospect of going someplace warmer in a few weeks. But fond memories remain. For me, particularly, my last holiday of 2019 stands out. During the three months off, I went to Sunnybeach (Bulgaria) to enjoy a ‘few’ drinks with friends, went on a roadtrip to Italy by car with my dad and travelled three weeks to the US & Canada with my girlfriend and parents. I particularly enjoyed Canada, where I visited Vancouver (beautiful city with beautiful parks!) and Whistler. In Whistler were some truly amazing sceneries, with beautiful forests, rivers and waterfalls, and let’s not forget a bridge between two mountains 1530 meters above sea level.  

1. What did you like most about the country? What comes to mind first? 

The best memory, I think, is about the scenery surrounding Whistle! I still think it is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen, perhaps sharing the number one spot with the Grand Canyon. It was also one of the coldest. At the bottom of the mountain it was around 20 degrees, so I wasn’t exactly dressed properly for the top of the mountain, where it was around -2 degrees. The fireplace in the hotel room was very welcome. The next day, I went ziplining through the forests there, and it was just amazing to fly over rivers and through forests. I honestly stood at one viewpoint for at least 30 minutes just looking and appreciating mother nature.  

2. Did you have a welcoming and safe feeling?

Apart from the always grumpy-looking border patrol officer when entering the country, everyone was very friendly like you’d expect from Canadians. People offered to help if we couldn’t find the way in Vancouver and people in the hotel we didn’t know said Hi if they passed by. Even the people in traffic seemed nicer than us grumpy lot here in the Netherlands 

3. What is the political status of the country? 

I must admit that I didn’t visit any government buildings whatsoever, but we all know Canada is a respectable democracy with a prime minister.  

4. What is the culture like? 

My best way of describing Canadian culture is that it is very American, but with the negative bits left out (sorry Americans). People in Canada are really friendly, and in the restaurants the waiters are sincerely friendly instead of, what feels like, forcing to be extremely friendly like I feel like they’re in the US.  

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