Blogpost: United States by Carlijn

Hi all,  

My name is Carlijn and I am the secretary to the travel committee! As you know it is sadly not possible to plan a trip at this moment. We are, however, all still very excited about travelling and have thus decided to bring our coolest journeys to you in our newfound travel blog! I think the coolest vacation I've been on was a roadtrip through the West of the United States in 2019. With my family I travelled through four states (California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada) for about 2.5 weeks. We visited a few cities but our focus was on the National Parks. Below I answer a few questions about it.  

1. What is your best memory of this country? 

My best memory was definitely the first day in San Francisco when we visited Alcatraz island. Not only is the prison super famous and interesting to visit, the island self is full of flowers, plants and trees that were planted and carefully kept over the years. Alcatraz also has a rather diverse bird population that is unique to the island.  

2. What is something that made you laugh? 

The gophers. These little squirrel-like animals were everywhere and they loved to walk around you and sometimes even climbed on people. A really big one climbed on my sister and scared her so her opportunity for a Snow White moment didn't exactly go as planned.  

3. Something security related  

At the time, Arizona and California were in the middle of an intense heat wave combined with drought. When we visited Yosemite a large chunk of mountain was completely burned down and all grey. Climate change and its consequences are increasingly noticeable in states like these and will have a bigger and bigger impact on daily life.  

4. Did you feel welcomed in this country? 

We didn't meet too many people but those that we did meet were super excited to tell us about their hometowns and the surrounding nature. It was really easy to strike up a conversation with locals who were also quite curious about our stories. 

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