Travel Blog 


Since we are not allowed to do any physical travelling, we decided to bring the countries to you! We are introducing our Travel Blog – and we invite you to come along! You can read about travel experiences from the committee members, but we also want to hear about yours. Send your short travel blogpost in and we’ll post it here!  

Feel free to write anything you want about any country you have been to! We’re looking for around 350 words, so it isn’t too long but still has some room for interesting and fun stories. It’s all about you – we want to create connections between all members of the committee through our shared passion of travelling. Don’t know what to write? Here are some guiding questions you could use if you want: 

-What did you like most about the country? What comes to mind first? 

-Did you have a welcoming and safe feeling?

-What is the political status of the country? 

-What is the culture like? 

It would be nice to include a picture of you in that country to get to know each other better. We are looking forward to your stories!